Feb 3, 20221h
The Future Of DAOs: How web3 reinvents collaboration
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Why have fans when you can co-conspirators? Crypto-powered Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are reimagining co-working by erasing the divide between customers and teammates. How will DAOs be used for investing, building products, launching social clubs, and funding philanthropy? And why has isolation from our communities inspired people to find a sense of belonging with strangers on the Internet? During this PressClub, we ask top DAO leaders and the founders of DAO tool startups what their impact on society will be. Come learn why we need simpler ways to start them like Superdao, what their future use cases will be, and which challenges will face this new way to align incentives with your fellow humans.

PressClub's guests include:

  • Yury Lifshits - CEO of all-in-one DAO tool Superdao
  • Gaby Goldberg - Web3 reading list author and investor at TCG
  • Qiao Wang - Founder of DeFi Alliance / Alliance DAO
  • Elaine Zelby - Web3 investor at venture fund SignalFire
  • MacLane Wilkison - Founder of dApp tool startup NuCypher
  • and your host Josh Constine

This PressClub will teach you to collaborate in the future

Subscribe to PressClub at This podcast is recorded live on Josh Constine's PressClub on Clubhouse, Thursdays at 4pm PT. PressClub is Clubhouse's first show, where the big names in tech discuss the big ideas. It's hosted by Josh Constine, an investor at early-stage venture fund SignalFire and the former Editor-At-Large of TechCrunch. PressClub is a relaxed venue where luminaries can share their stories, passions, thoughts on trends, and visions of the future. Past guests on PressClub include the founders of Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Shopify, Spotify, Substack, WordPress, Patreon, and more. Thanks for being part of our futurist community!

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