Oct 13, 20211h
How To Win At Startup PR with TechCrunch Editor-In-Chief Matthew Panzarino & Edelman PR's Margot Edelman
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How can your startup get press coverage when there's already more tech news than journalists can report? Hear the best pitch strategies straight from TechCrunch boss Matthew Panzarino and the world's largest PR firm Edelman PR's General Manager Margot Edelman. On PressClub, we discuss startup PR do's and don'ts, pros and cons, choosing who to pitch, how to get your cold email opened, and why PR agencies can backfire. Your host Josh Constine, former TechCrunch editor and most cited tech journalist 2016-2020, reveals what he looked for in stories and why software eating everything is making tech PR harder.


  • TechCrunch Editor-In-Chief Matthew Panzarino
  • Edelman PR General Manager Margot Edelman
  • And your host Josh Constine, VC at SignalFire and former TechCrunch Editor-At-Large

Subscribe to PressClub at This podcast is recorded live on Josh Constine's PressClub on Clubhouse, Thursdays at 4pm PT. PressClub is Clubhouse's first show, where the big names in tech discuss the biggest ideas. It's hosted by Josh Constine, an investor at early-stage venture fund SignalFire and the former Editor-At-Large of TechCrunch. PressClub is a relaxed venue where luminaries can share their stories, passions, thoughts on trends, and visions of the future. Past guests on PressClub include the founders of Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Shopify, Spotify, Substack, WordPress, Patreon, and more. Thanks for being part of our futurist community!

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