Feb 23, 20221h
How to harness network effects: Andrew Chen on the sociology of startups
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How can you use networks effects to grow anything? "The Cold Start Problem" author Andrew Chen from a16z shares stories and strategies from the rise of Tinder, Zoom, Airbnb, and new web3 startups. On PressClub, we discuss viral coefficients, why users "come for the tool, stay for the network", the double-edged sword of exclusivity, and how new computing platforms can reset network effects. Listen in to learn about:

  • Meerkat’s Law
  • Minimum Viable Network
  • Context Collapse
  • How to build the "Hard Side" of a network
  • "Flintstoning" to cover up product deficiencies
  • The three types of network effects

This PressClub will make you popular.

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