Jun 2, 20221h
How Alchemy Became the AWS of Blockchain: CEO Nikil Viswanathan and CTO Joe Lau
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This is the story of how college two friends built the #2 social app in the country called Down To Lunch, but pivoted to start Alchemy, the #1 crypto and NFT infrastructure startup in the world. Now valued at $10 billion, Alchemy powers the biggest names in blockchain from OpenSea to Dapper Labs to Polygon. Founders Nikil Viswanathan reveal their lessons from going viral, how they fought a smear campaign against DTL, and why Tim Cook had to help fix their iMessage because too many users were texting them. Hear how they spotted web3 coming before anyone called it that, and their vision for powering the future of programmatic money.

Listen in to learn:

  • Why you should optimize for now: "The fast kill the slow" 
  • How to cultivate an obsession with your customers' needs
  • When to sell picks and shovels so you don't have to predict what will be built with them
  • How to create a youthful company culture, regardless of age
  • What's next for crypto's impact on business

"With the computer, machines can follow human instructions. Then the internet comes along, and machines can exchange information. Now machines can exchange value, and this could be a really transformational shift" Alchemy's CEO tells us.

This PressClub will make you want to start a company.

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