Aug 12, 202252m
Future Of Social DAOs with Friends With Benefits mayor Alex Zhang
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What if your friends shared a bank account to throw parties & fund each other’s ideas? That’s FWB aka Friends With Benefits, the top social DAO where founders and creators convene to build the culture of web3. FWB "Mayor" Alex Zhang (there's no FWB CEO) joins us to discuss the evolution of friendship and crypto communities. 

Join us to learn about:

  • The return of the "cozy web"
  • How to grow a community without asking
  • Why shared context breeds camaraderie
  • How DAOs are becoming nation-states
  • The tradeoffs of exclusivity
  • How to embrace becoming uncool
  • Why "a strong community isn't leaderless, it's leader-full"

This PressClub will make you friendlier!

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