Apr 2, 202253m
Future Of Marketing with ex-Stripe CMO Jim Stoneham
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Marketing is changing fast as IRL events return, ad targeting rules tighten, memes flourish, and brands get weird to stand out. On this PressClub, ex-Stripe CMO & new SignalFire partner Jim Stoneham plus MainStreet CMO Stacey Politi discuss how to adapt your marketing strategies. Listen to learn about:

  • Defining your brand's enemy to attract allies
  • Why low production value signals authenticity
  • The early warning signs that a customer will churn
  • Switching from product messaging to solutions messaging
  • Learning to speak to people's hearts instead of their heads
  • And why power is shifting from investors to founders so VCs are hiring marketing experts as value-adds

Join us for stories of shrewd marketing tactics Jim used as the CMO of Stripe and New Relic, and how MainStreet used blunt messaging like "We'll save you $52,000" to become the top tax credit provider.

This PressClub will make you a household name.

Subscribe to PressClub at This podcast is recorded live on Josh Constine's PressClub on Clubhouse, Thursdays at 4pm PT. PressClub is Clubhouse's first show, where the big names in tech discuss the big ideas. It's hosted by Josh Constine, an investor at early-stage venture fund SignalFire and the former Editor-At-Large of TechCrunch. PressClub is a relaxed venue where luminaries can share their stories, passions, thoughts on trends, and visions of the future. Past guests on PressClub include the founders of Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Shopify, Spotify, Substack, WordPress, Patreon, and more. Thanks for being part of our futurist community!

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