Sep 22, 202246m
Fighting The Next Pandemic with healthtech giant Color's CEO Othman Laraki
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Color spun up huge COVID testing sites overnight to slow the pandemic. Now it's got a $4.6B valuation and is working on making genomics, vaccines, antivirals, and more accessible to the masses. Color founder and CEO Othman Laraki joins PressClub to discuss the little things that make a big difference in population health, and how we can be better prepared for the next pandemic.

Listen in to learn:

  • How Color launched 13K COVID test sites when the government hesitated
  • Why laughably ambitious healthcare initiatives now seem feasible
  • How economic subsidies for bad food are making Americans sick
  • What will unlock improvements in heart, cancer, and mental health care
  • What's still broken in healthcare, from insurance to doctor burnout
  • Why making healthcare convenient is our next big challenge

This PressClub will make you see we're all in it together

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