Aug 24, 202156m
Fee or free: The Future Of Knowledge with Q&A Site Quora's CEO Adam D'Angelo
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How does learning change when everyone has a voice online? Yahoo Answers just shut down. What's next for Wikipedia, Quora, and journalism? How will the creator economy and education collide? What will be the impact of new "adaptive paywalls" that only charge if they predict you'll pay? Your host Josh Constine asks Quora founder / CEO Adam D'Angelo, formerly the first CTO of Facebook.

Listen in to learn about:

  • Why Yahoo Answers failed (3:00)
  • How to unlock information trapped in people's brains (6:30)
  • Knowledge recommendation algorithms (14:30)
  • Impulse vs Interest vs Aspirational learning (17:00)
  • Quora's origin story (21:00)
  • How Adam and Mark Zuckerberg built a buddy list-sharing app before Facebook (24:00)
  • Why Wikipedia isn't improving (30:00)
  • What knowledge makes us happy (37:00)
  • How creators are becoming paid tutors (40:00)
  • Quora+'s plan to let anyone monetize knowledge (46:00)
  • If adaptive paywalls could tax the wealthy while keeping information free for others (50:00)
  • Are information overload and subscription fatigue real? (55:00)
  • What knowledge infrastructure is still missing? (62:00)

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