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Eat your frog vs inbox zero: Productivity strategies from Coda CEO Shishir Mehrotra
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Should you do your hardest task first -- what Mark Twain called "eating a frog" -- and block off your entire calendar? Or stay flexible while focusing on what's urgent and excites you? On this episode of PressClub, we ask productivity master Shishir Mehrotra, the CEO of collaboration app Coda and former VP of product for YouTube. He breaks down his strategies for time management, decision-making, and strengthening your willpower muscle. Shishir shares tips he picked up from the founders of Google, LinkedIn, Airbnb, and ...Seinfeld about how to keep your mind clear and your to-dos done. Listen in to learn:

  • Are you a task-piler or an etch-a-sketcher?
  • How to stop letting others define your task list via email
  • Prioritization instead of context switching
  • Why you should refuse Zoom's default meeting lengths
  • How to focus on what's next, not what's left
  • A better format for brainstorming
  • How "eigenquestions" get you to faster decisions
  • And why the future of productivity is the rebundling of tools into suites like Coda and Motion

This PressClub will make you better at just about everything.

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