Sep 8, 20211h
Defining Your Identity In The Crypto Era: NFT Artist Shl0ms, XMTP CEO Matt Galligan
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Is your crypto wallet address your new name and social media profile? Will your personality and status be represented by a public record of the art you buy and projects you support? Where identity goes, communication follows, so will crypto-native messaging replace email and Discord?

Join us to discuss crypto materialism, anonymity, and why you're still early to this financial and cultural movement. On this week's PressClub, we interview NFT artist Shl0ms who shattered a toilet with a sledgehammer to create FNTN and sold it for $1M to a cult of his fans. We also talk to crypto chat protocol XMTP's co-founder and CEO Matt Galligan about raising $20M to build messaging for the metaverse. Come explore the world of CryptoPunks, DAOs, Loot, fractionalized art, blockchain social clubs, decentralized collaboration, and who you will become.


  • NFT Artist Shl0ms
  • XMTP CEO & co-founder Matt Galligan
  • Sound Ventures investor Maaria Bajwa
  • Crypto strategist Cooper Turley aka CoopahTroopa
  • Memetic engineer and culture hacker Ronen V
  • Your host Josh Constine, investor at SignalFire

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