Jul 25, 20211h
Can VR train surgeons? Immersive Edtech with Osso VR CEO Justin Barad and Scope AR CEO Scott Montgomerie
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How do move mentorship to the cloud and reskill workforces made obsolete by new technology? Job training in virtual reality and augmented reality isn’t science fiction anymore. Immersive education has proven to beat 2D learning, with Osso VR’s surgeon training system able to boost doctors’ performance 230% to 306% over traditional guidance. 

Osso VR CEO Justin Barad tells PressClub about his journey from gaming geek surgeon to raising $43M to build a VR med school. We discuss how AR and VR can democratize training for both specialized jobs and soft skills, plus the coming rise of 3D education content creators. Scope AR CEO Scott Montgomerie joins to share how he’s building a “PowerPoint for augmented reality” to produce overlaid instructions for building rocket engines and ventilators. We explore how immersive edtech could prevent AI and robotics from causing mass unemployment.


  • Osso VR CEO Justin Barad
  • Scope AR CEO Scott Montgomerie
  • SignalFire partner / Osso & Scope investor Wayne Hu
  • Osso VR VP of marketing 
  • and your PressClub host Josh Constine from SignalFire

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