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Can Facebook Fix Itself? With ex-CSO Alex Stamos & WSJ's Jeff Horwitz
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"I don't think that there will actually be significant cultural change until Zuckerberg steps down" Facebook's former Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos tells PressClub. The Wall Street Journal's Facebook Files scoops revealed that the company knew its algorithm incentivized hate, its XCheck system shielded VIPs from content moderation, that human traffickers used it to lure in victims, and that Instagram made 40% of users feel unattractive.

On PressClub, we ask Stamos and the lead author of these scoops whether Facebook is trading our well-being for profits. Is it human nature to attack and envy others? Can social networks be built safely, and how? Is it employees' moral duty to blow the whistle when they're not? And will it take new leadership for Facebook to have a change of heart?

On PressClub, we ask:

  • Ex-Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos
  • Assistant professor and Facebook Oversight Board researcher Kate Klonick
  • WSJ's Facebook reporter Jeff Horwitz
  • And your host Josh Constine of SignalFire, who covered Facebook for 8 years at TechCrunch

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