Mar 26, 20212h
Back to offices or remote forever? CEOs of Slack, WordPress, PagerDuty on PressClub
Stewart Butterfield
Daniel Stewart Butterfield is a Canadian billionaire businessman, best known for co-founding the photo-sharing website Flickr and the team-messaging application Slack.
Matt Mullenweg
Matthew Charles Mullenweg is an American entrepreneur and web developer living in Houston. He is known for developing the free and open-source web software WordPress, now managed by The WordPress Foundation.
Bret Taylor
Bret Taylor is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur. He was the co-creator of Google Maps and the Google Maps API. Taylor is currently President & COO at Salesforce
Zeynep Tufekci
Zeynep Tufekci is a Turkish sociologist and writer. Her work focuses on the social implications of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, as well as societal challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic using complex and systems-based thinking.
Justin Bedecarre
Co-founder and CEO at Raise, helping everyone find a workplace they love
Kim-Mai Cutler
Kim is a well-respected writer and technology journalist. She is a columnist at TechCrunch and is best known for her work covering the intersection of tech and SF Bay culture, politics, housing, and racial diversity. She has worked for TechCrunch, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, and the Wall Street Journal. She has a BA in Political Science from University of California, Berkeley.
Jenn Tejada
Chairperson & CEO PagerDuty (NYSE:PD), Board member, Estee Lauder (NYSE:EL), Board member UiPath, Limited partner & investor
*“I cannot f*cking do eight hours of zoom calls per day for the rest of my life”* says Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. On this episode of PressClub, top employers and work from home experts explore how IRL and remote collaboration will collide as we start to return to offices. Hear why Gen Z is 2X more likely to want to go back to IRL work than Boomers, how companies can stop remote workers from feeling second-class, and which asynchronous communication tools can help. Plus, Slack reveals plans to build Clubhouse and Snapchat Stories features. Featuring: * *WordPress/Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg* * *PagerDuty CEO Jenn Tejada* * *SalesForce COO Bret Taylor* * *NYT’s Zeynep Tufekci* * *Raise/42Floors’ CEO Justin Bedecarre* * *Initialized partner Kim-Mai Cutler* * *Your host: SignalFire's Josh Constine* * *And surprise guest: Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield*
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